plus size tops for women plus size fashion tops plus size womens tops trendy plus size tops



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plus size tops for women plus size fashion tops plus size womens tops trendy plus size tops
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plus size tops for women plus size fashion tops plus size womens tops trendy plus size tops

Plus Size Tops for Women | Plus Size Fashion Tops | Plus Size Womens Tops | Trendy Plus Size Tops

Plus Sized Women

 Plus size women have always had difficulty finding clothes that are fashionable and trendy. There has definitely been significant progress in the fashion apparel industry, but it seems to be moving on without giving much thought to women who wear clothing above size 14 (plus size). The plus size wear that most manufacturers bother to make are largely unflattering, creating another challenge for women who already have a challenge.

 There is news of hope for plus size women. Located in Scottsdale Arizona is a boutique that is about to create a revolution in the trend of the fashion industry. The owner is the fashion fanatic Wendy Eldrekin who is committed to changing the fashion world for plus sized women. For close to ten years now, Diva has been carrying a range of the latest plus size clothes that allow women in that region to enjoy stocking their wardrobe and donning the latest fashion wear. It was not so long ago that these women could only dream of wearing a certain style of clothing. Thanks to Diva they no longer have to dream.

 As can be imagined, Diva is popular for the clothes they sell and the group of women they cater to, but what is amazing is the number of stores they have in operation. Diva stores can be found in five locations, Scottsdale, North Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Phoenix, and Tempe. These branches have become extremely popular, and carry a range of the latest fashion wear for sizes 14 to 24.

 The chain of boutique carries a range of affordable fashion pieces from American as well as international brands. These brands include Bryn Walker, Carole Tomkins, Alex Evenings, Caroline Rose, and Christopher Calvin. The Diva stores have now become a major shopping hub for plus sized women. These women enjoy the fact that they are now able to pick up their tops, jackets, and pants from these renowned fashion brands. The collection of casual and special occasion dresses that the store carries make their own fashion statement, and have become a huge favorite with the ladies.

 Not only does Diva carry an impressive collection of fashion wear, but they also stock a very nice collection of vintage jewelry, handbags, and hand painted dress materials.

 In addition to their physical boutique locations, Diva also has an online store that is very well maintained. This online store was created to meet the demands of their growing customer base. The online store is just as well stocked as the stores in Arizona, and customers who purchase online are offered a shipping charge of $10. This shipping cost is valid regardless of the number of items the customer orders.

 Another special that the Diva shoppers enjoy is the availability of gift certificates. They start as low as $25 and can be purchased for as much as Gift certificates are a great for people to give plus size clothes or accessories as gifts to their plus size friends or family.

 The Diva stores continue to delight their customers in a number of ways. They enjoy the great shopping experiences, the fantastic fun filled atmosphere and the specials that all combine to keep them loyal happy shoppers.

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