Dress for success: Our top 4 style secrets!

You don’t have to be a size 2 sexpot wearing a Herve Leger bandage dress to ooze super-sex appeal. In fact, for fashion-savvy, plus-sized divas looking to unleash their inner Marilyn Monroe, dressing sexy is all in the details. From learning how to conceal your trouble spots to finding clothes that skim over your curves in all the right ways, unleashing your inner sexy is all about amplifying your assets and celebrating your curves with these four must-know tips!

Tip #1 – Conceal and reveal!

No matter what your size, when it comes to dressing, it’s all about the art of illusion. Highlighting your best assets and concealing the parts of your physique you like less is the first place to start when channeling your inner goddess! If your midsection is your problem area, consider empire waist tops and dresses. The higher waistline gives the illusion of a longer, sleeker frame by drawing attention to your face and gorgeous gams. If you’re like Michelle Obama and consider your shoulders and neck to be your winning features, highlight your beautiful décolletage with U and V-necks. This open neckline option lengthens your upper body by creating a long, unobstructed visual line at the top of your body. If your body is more Botticelli-esque play up the smallest part of your figure by cinching everything you wear with bold belt tightly at the waist. There is nothing like a pop of color or embellishment to draw your attention! image 1

Tip #2 – Say “bye bye” to baggy duds

There is literally nothing in your closet that will stifle your inner goddess faster than an overly over-sized sweater or sweat pant. Why? Because baggy, ill-fitting clothing makes curvy, plus-size figures seem larger than they really are. The key to a balance of fit between skin-tight and too-big is finding pieces that are snug but that don’t cling to your body. And for most of us, that means finding an amazing tailor and making them your best friend. Whether it’s raising the hem of a pant or dress or adding darts to highlight your hourglass shape, you will be amazed at what shaving off a few inches of fabric can do!

Tip #3 – It’s all about the wrap!

There is a reason that Diane Von Furstenberg’s iconic dress was a fashion revolution and is also considered to be a key style staple… the lines and cut of this type of dress work wonders by minimizing trouble spots, elongating your neck, and whittling your waist. We all know that looking chic starts with feeling comfortable and this dress is about as easy to wear as it gets! Pair this fashion staple with a denim jacket for the perfect casual ensemb or throw on a pair of sassy heels and glitzy jewels for a night on the town with your girlfriends. image 2

Tip #4 – Feeling sexy starts with a good foundation

There is no article of clothing that will work harder for your shape than properly fitting bras, undies, and body shapers. Look for undergarments made from nylon spandex and Lycra, they will shape and smooth your figure without cutting off your circulation or making you feel like an over- stuffed sausage. It’s also a great idea to be fitted for a bra at least once a year. Bras weren’t made to last forever and your body is constantly changing, so use those semi-annual bra sales as a reminder to have your measurements checked. Also, having a properly fitted brassiere can be harder than you think, so be willing to try on lots of different styles! Highlighting your curves with these plus size tips are sure to result in look that is seriously show stopping! Shop for these fab looks and more at: www.DivaWomensWear.com Have a great tip that we missed? Share it below!

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