Diva's Plus-Size Coat Guide

Despite the unseasonably warm weather sweeping across the U.S., it’s November - and with that comes the need for a cold weather dressing strategy. Sounds easy, but for those of us not looking to sacrifice our figures for the sake of a cozy coverup, the idea of coat shopping can be nothing less than daunting. So, before you get lost in an endless sea of outerwear or are relegated to endure another year of schlumpy, puffy parkas, take your sartorial destiny into our own hands by way of a few shape-flattering shopping guidelines. From military-inspired to car coats, we have rounded up the best outerwear styles to complement each and every frame; and lucky for us this season's best trends happen to be some of the most figure-flattering.

Hourglass Shape

The trick to finding the perfect coat for you is selecting a cut that flatters, not flattens, your best assets. Choose single-breasted options with skirted bottoms and a thick belt to tie it all together while showing off your tapered waistline. Image  


Choose a big, dramatic collar to draw the eyes up toward your shoulders and décolletage. The straight shape of this car coat will also help perfectly balance your awesome below-the-waistline curves. Image


Steer clear of the billowy or double-breasted options. Instead, opt for linear shapes with a V-neck that will streamline your look and keep you warm without hiding your figure. Image

Short Torso

Blazer coats are not only on-trend, they also happen to flatter a range of body types. This shape, with its long lapel, will help elongate a short torso. Just remember to pick a hem that's not too far past your hips, so you can show off the length of your legs as well. Image


When choosing a coat, in general, it's best to avoid shapes that cling to your largest measurement. This wrapped number with an all-over pattern creates an A-line shape that will flatter without drawing any unwanted attention to your midsection. Image


Create instant curves with this military-meets-peplum number. While the strong shoulders and double-breasted details will flatter your top, the belted-peplum middle will work the same magic on your lower half. Ta da! Image

Short Legs

Maybe we don't all think about our legs when it comes to coats, but if yours tend to be on the short side, there is a trick to lengthening those gams with a smart coat choice. Choose a piece that's covers your hips and has a belt that ties above your natural waist. Voilà! An instantly higher waist begets instantly longer legs. Image Now that you've conquered the hard part, here are a few more coat buying tips from our staff of shopping pros! Before shopping: It's a great idea to really narrow down when and where you'll be wearing the coat. Your needs in an outerwear piece will be totally different for dressy occasions vs. an everyday coverup, so make sure that you are looking for the right ingredients! For ultimate warmth: Look for wool or down or go for a double whammy with a combination of the two (when it comes to down, look for a fill power of 500 or more — what's that mean? Basically, the higher the number, the denser the insulation) Depending on the climate where you live, you also may want to consider an exterior fabric that's water-resistant and washable, like nylon or polyester. Details: Check for nifty design details that will keep out cool drafts, such as drawstrings, built in hand covers, and flaps over any exposed zippers. Removable lining: If you're like us, and live where the weather fluctuates, look for coat options with zip-out linings.This is also great for budget-savvy shoppers because the shell and lining can generally be worn separately in addition to being worn together. No matter what the temps are like in your neck of the woods, when it comes to toppers, the desired outcome is simple: Stay warm, look chic! Old Man Winter, bring it on. Check out our website for fashionable must-have plus-size coat options at: www.DivaWomensWear.com! Do you have a favorite? Let us know!

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